Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pain in the...


It is still here...but getting better. Not better enough so that I can run the 6 miles I need to run tomorrow (according to my 1/2 marathon training schedule) But better enough that I was able to run 2 on Tuesday with no pain. Woo hoo that is a great accomplishment especially when a week ago I didn't think I would be able to run anymore!

So last week my friend Tricia, who is a Physical Therapist, came over to check me out. She took a look at my hip and said that she wasn't sure that it was bursitis because the pain is a little high. She gave me a bunch of hip stretches to do and she has a portable ultrasound machine that she used on me. It really didn't feel like it was doing much at the time but afterwards I could tell that it had helped. She also left me with this really cool e-stim machine (like the ones with the little electrode things that send electric impulses and make your muscles contract) that I have been using every night. WOW what a difference a week makes. Seriously it is getting better and I couldn't be more happy!! Thank you Tricia!!

I also joined Jazzercise last week! Ok laugh all you want (I know I did before I joined) but it is really one hell of a work out! I wore my heart rate monitor the last few classes and my average calorie burn was about 600 calories! And you get to dance the whole time..and no it isn't is like top 20 and pop music! So fun. It goes by so the kids get to go and play in the play room while I work out so it makes it really nice for me!

So, The Get Fit Challenge Update.
I am still only down 1 measly pound! I don't know what is up. I went to Stroller Strides 5 days and Jazzercise 3 last week and my eating is definitely on point. What more can I do? I think I need to head on over to the Biggest Loser Ranch and have a "last chance workout" with Bob and Jillian...maybe then I can shake these last few pounds!! Only 4 weeks left and I don't know what else to do to?! Any suggestions? I am hoping the body fat is dropping not the weight! We will see in a couple weeks if all the hard work paid off!


  1. Are you feeling any changes in your body at all? That's so weird that you are not losing the weight. Well, honestly when you took your before picture, I was thinking to myself, where is the weight that she says she needs to lose??? You look so thin!! So, you are probably getting rock solid!! So glad that your injury is feeling better, that is such good news!! Stay positive (like you are) and you'll do great!!

  2. where do you do jazzercize at? how much? how much is the daycare? and what time/days do you go?

    lol, i know a lot of questions! =)

  3. Kristi~Yeah I am feeling like my clothes are getting a little bit looser but not a HUGE change by any means! I don't know, maybe my body is just fighting it! Thank you for the nice comments you are so sweet!!

    Kelly~I sent you a message on facebook! :) I forgot to answer what time/days I all depends on my day but I normally go to the 4:15pm class during the week and the 9:15am one on sat or sun.

  4. I know it's hard but try not to focus on your weight. It is not a weight loss challenge. The goal is to lose body fat. If you are gaining muscle and losing body fat, your weight might not change much. Good example. Im 14 weeks prego and have only gained 1 lb. so far. I went from funning 20 miles a week and teaching S.S. 3 days a week pre pregnancy. I havn't worked out in 8 weeks and I guarentee I've lost quite a few lbs. of muscle and gained a few lbs. of fat. My body looks soft and gross, but the scale isn't changing. Focus on your clothes and how you feel, not the scale!!!