Saturday, February 20, 2010

10 Months Old!??

Wow, my little Gavy Wavy (that's my nickname for him) is already 10 months old! This is just crazy. I can't believe is 2 short months he is going to be a year. I don't feel like i have a baby anymore! He is wanting to be so independent. He doesn't really like me to hold him, he wants to be down and moving around. He LOVES to follow his brother around, even though Talan doesn't like it that much. He is waving, saying dada, giving hugs and kisses. He can "walk" around the living room by holding on to the couch. He eats everything BUT baby food. If I try to give him any sort of puree he smacks it away...that is his independent side again! He plays peek a boo with his brother which is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Here are some recent pics of my big 10 month old...

Riding the car at Grandma Lindas
Climbing on the couch with big brother
Hey mom...I told you to stop taking pictures!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Week 2 Update

Last week went way better than last! I went to Stroller Strides 4 out of 5 days (didn't go Monday since the boys weren't feeling good...seems to be a Monday trend because they weren't feeling good today either and we didn't go to class! hmmm) Anyways, I ran 4 days last week as well...Monday I ran 3.5 miles, Tuesday 2 miles, Thursday 2 miles and Saturday 2 miles! Go ME! woo hoo! I haven't ever run this much in my life but I am on a 1/2 marathon training schedule and I am sticking to it to a tee! Except today I didn't..but not in a bad way. I ran 4 miles today and later found out I was only suppose to run 3. Woops! So tomorrow I am going to have to run another 4 when I thought tomorrow was only supposed to be 3. Confused yet? So this week the eating was good except for yesterday (Who eats good on Valentine's Day??) I lost a pound last week which is better than the week before that I gained 3! Feeling good and loving this running thing!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! On Friday the boys got their very own Valentine's in the mail from their Great Grandpa Leo and Great Grandma Peggy! They were so excited! Here are some pictures of them opening them up!

My pictures are out of order and blogger won't let me rearrange them! How annoying. Anyways you get the idea. Yay! Money!

My Big Boy!

Yes, they both have dirty was the end of the day right before bathtime.

Oooh let me help you with that brother!

Woo hooo! Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa that made the boys day! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Happy Birthday Kiely!

Happy 17th Birthday to Kiely!! Happy Happy Birthday Kiely. You are growing up so fast and becoming a woman before our eyes. We are very proud of you and hope you have a great day (even with ALL that snow you have in Dallas..stay warm!) and have a great rest of your "non-legal" years! I cannot believe you will be 18 in a year!! I am old!

Here is a picture of Miss Kiely with her friend Aynsley. (Kiely is on the right) They are all dress up for their football banquet!

We love you Kiely! Talan is going to call you and sing to you in a bit!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Parker 425~2010

I am finally unpacked after the trip and have all the laundry finished! Phew that was a LOT of laundry for a couple days. It didn't help that Saturday was a rainy day so the boys (including Mark) changed a few times! We had a great time this year. We left on Thursday afternoon. It was Gavin's first camping trip. He did really well on the way up. Well, both the boys slept most of the way so that was really nice.

Friday was contingency so we got up early and headed over to the Blue Water Casino where they have it at. We were pretty far back in line so we had a chance to check out all the booths and hang out while we waited for the car to get to tech. It was a bunch of fun. Me, Jaime, her mom Margie and Dyan even got to sneak to the casino and gamble for a bit. (A short bit for me...I lost $40 in about 5 minutes! I have the worst luck) Then later we headed back to camp and hung out. The boys loved just playing in the dirt.

Saturday was race day! The forecast was for rain but in the morning it was just a little overcast, but not raining yet. AJ started the race with a huge lead, then right before he got back to the pit the exhaust broke so they were stuck there fixing it for about 20 minutes and got passed by 2 cars so they were then in third place.

Talan was freaking out before Mark got in the car..."I GO DADDY, I GOOOO DAAAAADDY" Poor thing. He would not stop crying...he was hyperventilating and screaming and he literally cried himself to sleep. Talk about a daddy's boy! Mark got in the car and it seemed as soon as he took off it started pouring down rain!

With the pouring rain it took Mark quite a while to get into the course...and he ended up getting rammed from behind by a jeep speed car which broke the alternator fan. They stopped and fixed it and got going again pretty good, they were about an hour behind the leader. (Seems like a lot but in long courses like this anything can happen) but ended up breaking an a-arm and they were done. Such a bummer! This is the 4th time they have raced this race and they have yet to finish! Something always seems to happen.

At least we always have a great time! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Gavin's 1st Race!
Me, Dyan and Gavin
We were pooped! Nap time with my boys.
Talan enjoying the mud!
Such boys...they LOVE gettin dirty
Contingency...our good friend Tyler with Grandma Charlotte
Me and my tired boy.
Great Grandma and Talan
He just loves his Great Grandma
Talan and Ivan Stewart (a famous off-road guy from the 80's)

Get Fit Challenge Week 1 Update

So last week was my first week of the challenge. It went pretty well considering we left to go to the race in Parker from Thursday until yesterday. I did very well the first 4 days of the challenge...went to stroller strides 4 days and even ran 3 miles on Monday and Wednesday and ate VERY good. Good thing because it seems that whenever I go on vacation I let all hell break loose. The eating wasn't so bad, it was the drinking (beer, bloody mary's and some new drink called dang gurrr's)! haha...although I didn't drink as much as I normally do so that is good! I had a blast with friends/family so it was worth it...back on track this week. The boys are sick so no stroller strides today. I am going to attempt a 4 mile run when they go down for a nap!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Fit Challenge 2010

Today I am starting a 90 day challenge with a bunch of other moms in my stroller strides group. It is called the Get Fit Challenge. It is a 3 month contest to see who can lose the most body fat and gain the most muscle mass. I also signed up for a 1/2 marathon on May today also marks the first day of training for that too! I am not a runner so going from not running to running 13.1 miles is going to be a hard (but achievable) goal. Woo hoo! I am super excited. Especially because I am doing this with a bunch of other mommy friends who are very supportive.

So today we all had to get "dunked". Getting "dunked" is a hydrostatic body test and is considered the best way to figure out your body fat/lean muscle mass. You hold your breath and dunk under water in this tank and it gives you a reading of your body fat and muscle percentage. They give you a printout of all the things you need to know, goal weight, goal body fat percentage, how many calories your body burns doing certain activities, and how many calories to consume per day to meet you goal!

My body fat percentage is 24%. They gave me a goal of 16% for the next 12 weeks which means I would need to lose about 12 lbs of fat! That seems ok..a pound a week! They also said that 22% would be just fine for me...but since this is a contest they gave me a lower goal. The winner gets the pool that everyone put $25 in to!

I have been working out a bunch so now I just need to get the eating part right...that is where I have always struggled! Anyone have any great tasting lowfat recipes???

Here is a "before" picture of me! I am going to spare you all the bikini picture that they took when I did the dunk. I may show you when I am all done and happy with my results....maybe!!!