Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pain in the...


It is still here...but getting better. Not better enough so that I can run the 6 miles I need to run tomorrow (according to my 1/2 marathon training schedule) But better enough that I was able to run 2 on Tuesday with no pain. Woo hoo that is a great accomplishment especially when a week ago I didn't think I would be able to run anymore!

So last week my friend Tricia, who is a Physical Therapist, came over to check me out. She took a look at my hip and said that she wasn't sure that it was bursitis because the pain is a little high. She gave me a bunch of hip stretches to do and she has a portable ultrasound machine that she used on me. It really didn't feel like it was doing much at the time but afterwards I could tell that it had helped. She also left me with this really cool e-stim machine (like the ones with the little electrode things that send electric impulses and make your muscles contract) that I have been using every night. WOW what a difference a week makes. Seriously it is getting better and I couldn't be more happy!! Thank you Tricia!!

I also joined Jazzercise last week! Ok laugh all you want (I know I did before I joined) but it is really one hell of a work out! I wore my heart rate monitor the last few classes and my average calorie burn was about 600 calories! And you get to dance the whole time..and no it isn't is like top 20 and pop music! So fun. It goes by so the kids get to go and play in the play room while I work out so it makes it really nice for me!

So, The Get Fit Challenge Update.
I am still only down 1 measly pound! I don't know what is up. I went to Stroller Strides 5 days and Jazzercise 3 last week and my eating is definitely on point. What more can I do? I think I need to head on over to the Biggest Loser Ranch and have a "last chance workout" with Bob and Jillian...maybe then I can shake these last few pounds!! Only 4 weeks left and I don't know what else to do to?! Any suggestions? I am hoping the body fat is dropping not the weight! We will see in a couple weeks if all the hard work paid off!

11 Months

On March 17th my littlest turned 11 months old. This year has gone by so fast it is hard to believe that in a couple weeks he is going to be 1! I say this every month but really Gavin is growing way too fast. I don't remember time going by so quickly when it was just Talan. It probably had to do with the fact that I was pregnant and wishing that time would go quick. Now I just want to freeze time...except maybe freeze it in a couple weeks when he is 1 (and can walk). Right now is this horrible in-between crawling/walking stage that I despise. It doesn't help that Gavin weighs 27 lbs. (Talan only weighs 29) and he wants to be in the action at all times so in order to do that he needs me to hold him at all times because crawling isn't cutting it. It is starting to take a toll on my back! He is walking along anything he can get a hold of but has not ventured out on his own yet. 

Some other milestones...
*He has 4 teeth (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom)
*He can give kisses, point to things, wave bye, and dances in the car whenever he hears any upbeat sort of pop music.
*He is wearing size 18 month~2t clothes (Talan is wearing 2t and 3t) They are pretty dang close in size. People ask me if they are twins...I don't see it but, hey it must be because people can't believe I would have 2 back to back like that.
*He still gets up at least 2 times a night for a bottle. Last night it was about 5 times because I think he is coming down with a cold....poor little guy!

I am in the middle of planning his 1st Birthday party! It is going to be so much fun!

Gavin demonstrating his ability to point!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 16th Tyler!!

Happy Birthday to you!! We miss you so much and love you!

Tyler is honestly one of the funniest people you will ever meet. He is always the first one to crack a joke and make everyone laugh. He is a great big brother..(and a great little brother too, but I will have to let Kiely speak for that one!)He is amazing at everything he does and we are so proud of him!!

We can't believe how fast you are growing.

Here are some pictures of the last time Tyler was out here...proof of what a fun guy he is!

How cute would our family pic have been if Tyler didn't do that serious (well he was doing it to be funny) face?
He lets all the cousins jump on him.
He puts up with his sisters kissy faces!
Here is is letting his brother jump on him.
Teaching his brother to ride like him.
Happy Birthday Ty!

Thursday, March 11, 2010



So it is week 6 of the Get Fit Challenge. I have not been able to run for about 2 weeks. I *think* I have bursitis and the only fix for that is to rest it and not do activities that aggravate it. I have not been to the doctor yet because I have a high deductible and don't want to pay for an MRI just to have them tell me that I need to stay off of it. X-rays won't show anything and those are expensive too.

I did go to a Holistic Chiropractor yesterday just for a consultation to see if there was anything that he could do. He told me that I have a slight curve in my spine which has caused my right leg to be longer and is making my hip hurt when I run because of it. He wants me to come to weekly treatments to correct my spine which will in turn correct my hip problem. Hmmmm...I don't know what to think about that!

My friend Tricia is a Physical Therapist and she told me that 9 out of 10 people have some sort of a curve in their spine and if my leg being longer was such a problem it would have been a problem a long time ago, not when I upped my mileage in running. She wants to try doing some ultrasound therapy on it and see what that does for it.

So that is my status now with running. I can't run. It sucks. I am bummed.

I have been going to Stroller Strides 5 times a week and eating (pretty) healthy. Healthier than I was prior to this challenge.

I have only lost 1 pound!!! Are you kidding me?? All this work for 1 measly pound??

Ok, ok, you may be thinking...muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah...well I took my measurements in the beginning of this challenge too and I have not lost an inch either! What is going on? I am busting my butt with this. The eating is especially hard for me. If I could have been eating like I normally did and stayed the same I totally would have!

Ok...vent over...on another note...

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day and it has me feeling

Thankful that I get to take my kids to the park on such a gorgeous day...
Thankful that they love to share the swing. Well, they had to share a swing because there was one swing open and they were fighting over it.
My solution was...share it or no one gets worked!
Thankful for wonderful mommy friends. These pics are from playgroup today. I am now the Village Park playgroup captain and today we decorated pot's of gold.
Thankful for my friend Patty and her son Addison...I love them to pieces.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I haven't posted a lot lately because we haven't been up to much lately! Last weekend was a relaxing weekend. We just hung out and did some stuff around the house...relaxed a bunch. On Sunday we went to Riverwalk Park (Off of Pierce Street) My friend had told me it was a great place to go and feed the ducks. Talan has been talking about ducks lately and wanting to feed them so we thought it would be fun. Let me tell you, those ducks do NOT go hungry. There was about 10 people there each with a loaf of bread. No wonder they were being picky with our cheapy 99cent loaf! Hahah...anyways it was fun for the boys.

These pictures are from today at the park. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today! I just love this weather. It is almost perfect. A few degrees warmer would make it perfect. Gavin loves to go on the swing now so I have to wait until there are 2 open ones or one of the boys gets mad. So funny! They crack me up!


What do you think? I went dark!! I love it so far!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Weeks 3 and 4 Update

Well I have been slacking off in the updating department...mostly because I have not been very motivated for about the last week. It started last Tuesday while I was running my 4 miles. I started to get a slight pain in my hip and thought to myself "I will just run through it". BIG MISTAKE. I ran through it all right...but as soon as I got off that treadmill I could barely walk. I thought maybe I needed to stretch it, so I did that, with no relief. The next day was even worse so I ended up missing Stroller Strides as well. I rested that day and the next day it was feeling better but I cannot put any pressure on it or it hurts like heck(high impact running!) I explained my symptoms to one of my instructors (who is also a physical therapist) I told her about the pain in the side/back of my hip and how it was localized and hurts when I run or jump. She told me it sounds like bursitis. So...I googled it (bad idea).

Sounds to me like I won't be running any time soon which is kind of depressing. I have been icing it every day and have not run. I am able to do the elliptical but when you are training for a 1/2 marathon it is just NOT the same. I am hoping by some miracle it gets better in the next week and then I can *maybe* catch up with the training schedule and be able to everyone send some positive thoughts my way. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them??

So the injury happened and since I am such an emotional eater this past weeks eating has not been good either. Isn't that funny...I can't work out so I just want to eat....such a vicious cycle. Well I haven't gained any weight so that is a good thing...and I am going to try to get back on track with the eating. I am going to Stroller Strides today (I went yesterday too) I just can't run, I have to kind of limp in the back. woo hoo! (not)

Anyways, I am hoping to give you all a better update next week!