Thursday, March 4, 2010


I haven't posted a lot lately because we haven't been up to much lately! Last weekend was a relaxing weekend. We just hung out and did some stuff around the house...relaxed a bunch. On Sunday we went to Riverwalk Park (Off of Pierce Street) My friend had told me it was a great place to go and feed the ducks. Talan has been talking about ducks lately and wanting to feed them so we thought it would be fun. Let me tell you, those ducks do NOT go hungry. There was about 10 people there each with a loaf of bread. No wonder they were being picky with our cheapy 99cent loaf! Hahah...anyways it was fun for the boys.

These pictures are from today at the park. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today! I just love this weather. It is almost perfect. A few degrees warmer would make it perfect. Gavin loves to go on the swing now so I have to wait until there are 2 open ones or one of the boys gets mad. So funny! They crack me up!


  1. Love your dark hair! I want to go all dark so bad...but haven't done it because once I do I'll want my highlights back!
    You are the third person that said that place was fun for kids! I want to go, so cute!

  2. Jaymi, I wish I would have known you guys were there feeding the ducks. I live right there! We live in the last gated community down Pierce/Riverwalk on the right! OMG, I can't believe you were so close & I didn't get to see you :( Let me know next time u bring the boys & I'll walk down & meet you :)

  3. I love that place!! I've been wanting to take my girls there for a while, I used to live in those apartments. It's come a long way!

    LOVE your dark hair! Smokin!

    Did you ever get my comment about the info for Anna Little?