Thursday, July 30, 2009

Water Park/Stroller Strides

About 6 weeks ago I joined Stroller Strides. Stoller Strides is a really cool workout group for moms and their kids. It is great because you can get a great workout and you don't have to worry about dropping off your kids at a babysitter...they are right there with you. Another great thing about it is that there are so many mommies with kids Talan and Gavin's ages. Talan looks forward to going and playing with his friends. They even have playgroups after class. Last Tuesday after class was the waterpark day. We went to a brand new waterpark in Corona (I say waterpark, it isn't one with waterslides, it is one with little water features and fountains for kids to splash around in) Talan had so much fun. I couldn't get many pictures though because he was mostly interested in climbing on the rocks and the fence around the park!! Go figure!!

Also, I had to throw in a couple pictures of Gavin! I feel like I never post pictures of him! Here are a couple cute ones...

Sleeping with Daddy on the couch (his poor leg looks way more bent than it was, I swear!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy's Little Daredevil

Thank goodness we got the pool fence when we did!! Who would have thought at 19 months Talan would be jumping into the pool from the top of the waterfall! He is quite the little daredevil! Here is a video from Saturday, he did it about 20 times that day and I got the last time on film.

Wild Rivers

Yesterday we went to Wild Rivers in Irvine, Ca. It was so much fun. I haven't been there since I was about 10 years old so I didn't know what to expect! We rented a Cabana, split it with AJ & Jaime and that was such a great idea. We had our own little "base" to come back to and keep all of our stuff. Plus, we had our own waitress so we didn't have to go wait in line for food or drinks. Also, we smuggled in some food and drinks so we didn't have to buy everything at amusement parks is ridiculous! $5.50 for a hot dog!!! Anyways, here are some pictures..I wish I would have taken more, but since my camera isn't waterproof I really didn't want to bring it into the kiddie areas with all the kids splashing! They did have a really cool kid slide area and Talan went down the slide all on his own (well he had too, they wouldn't let adults go down it!) He was kind of scared but he did really good!

Friday, July 10, 2009

8 Lives Left...

Well, they say that a cat has 9 lives. I definitely believe that it is true after what happened to our cat yesterday. Our cat Chaz, he is about 3 years old now, is such a friendly, mellow cat. He is mostly an indoor cat and sometimes he will happen to sneak out the front door when we are busy loading up our many kids. Yesterday when we were getting ready to go meet Mark's mom at Mario's for dinner, was one of those times that he happened to sneak out. We were all loaded in the car and started backing down the driveway when we heard (and felt) a thud. We didn't think anything of it until we saw Chaz bolt towards the front door. My husband and Tyler jumped out of the car immediately and ran over to him. I have to admit, by the way he was acting we thought for sure he had internal injuries. He was just laying there, his leg looked mangled and he had a blank stare on his face. Well lets just say, plans changed. My husband, Kiely and Tyler jumped back in the car with Chaz and rushed him over to the vet. On the way there he was panting and Tyler thought he was going to die. When they got to the vet they immediately put him on oxygen and an iv. They then took him back for x-rays. We were preparing ourselves for the worst...but luckily when the doctor came out to review the x-rays there was no internal bleeding or damage. Unfortunately though he isn't 100%. He does have a paralyzed front leg which the doctor advised us not to amputate because cats will sometimes regain feeling and he has not been able to make it to the bathroom on his own yet. We are hoping that he will make a full recovery but do not know yet. We will keep everyone updated.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July, 2009

We had another great weekend at the river. We left last Thursday morning and stayed until Monday morning so we wouldnt have to sit in traffic on Sunday night. It was a very relaxing weekend and everyone had lots of fun! Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Kiely enjoying the sun

Troy rockin out on the back of the boat.

Talan and Brodie in the "in-ground" jacuzzi

Gavin's first dip in the river...naked butt!

Big Brother giving kisses

Gavin's first boat ride
Vanessa and Me
Talan rocking out on the back of the boat
Enjoying a popcicle
Cooling off back at the trailer