Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Talan's Graduation

At the end of June, Talan graduated from preschool. He has learned so much since starting school. I am so proud of him. He recently started school again at a new school that is closer to our house. He is in Pre-K now! Such a big boy.

Here he is performing with his class.

Mrs. Freda with Talan and of  course Gavin wanted to get in the picture too.

Nana Susie and Talan

Alexis, Ashley, Talan and Grandpa John

Family picture. Maybe one day we will get one that everyone is looking. Haha

Father's Day River Trip

I didn't take a lot of picture this trip. I wish I would have taken more, I guess I was just too busy having fun! This was our first trip in 18 months (we have been back again since) but before that it had been forever! We had a blast, and the weather was nice. Not too hot at all. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Tyler and his "Honcho" hat

Playing on the beach in the sand. The boys love the river.

My boys.

Skyla...she is too cute.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Talan found a tiny shell.

Most of the cousins...missing Kourtney, Kiely, Brittany and Troy

It was a nice trip...the river is always a good time.

Gone Fishin'

Back in June we took the boys to the Huckleberry Fish Pond in Anaheim. The boys had a blast.

Talan caught his first fish!

There was a nice guy there (I forgot his name) that volunteers and helps the kids catch fish. He also let us use his rod, which was nice because we didn't have to pay to rent one.

Gavin couldn't sit still long enough to catch a fish. There was too much to see. They had peacocks, geese, chickens, roosters and lots of different wild birds just walking around the place.

Talan getting a lesson on how to catch a catfish.

Putting the bait on the rod.

Trying to get a picture, you all know how that goes!

He got one! Reeling it in.

So excited!

"Hi Fishy!"

He had to tell one of the chickens about his fish.

Later, AJ Jaime, Cade and Brodie met up with us and Cade caught a fish!


Cade with his catfish

All the boys

Our Trip to Allen

Okay, I know I am WAY behind on my blogging. have been a lagger. I have been a lagger for most of this year on my blogging. I have no excuse other than life just gets in the way. I have been working part time, being a mommy full time and training for another half marathon...busy busy! I have also decided that if I have time to Facebook, then I have time to blog. I want to turn my blog into a book at the end of this year so I better get to catching up!

Anyways, in May, we went to Allen, Texas for Kiely's graduation from High School. It was a short trip but we packed a lot in our time there. Great Grandma Charlotte came with us. We had so much fun. It was so nice to finally see all the places that Kiely and Tyler have talked about.
This is Kiely and Tyler's high school...it is as big as a college! They are currently building a 60 million dollar football stadium.  
 Texas has got something going right...the schools are amazing and they have parks on every corner. This is a wakeboarding park that they are building by the kids high school.

 Tyler, Great Grandma Charlotte and Kiely

The houses are so pretty in texas!! 

 Check out this house...it has its own lake. Actually every house in the neighborhood had it's own lake. What??

A little cat nap...all that traveling wore grandma out!

Next stop was Kiely's graduation. They had it at the University of North Texas since the new stadium isn't built yet and they had 1500 students graduating!

That's a lot of people!

It was so hot! Kiely took her gown off right when she came out because she was dying. I made her put her hat back on so I could get a picture. It was seriously the grossest weather I have ever been in. The humidity was like 85%, no joke.

Aren't these two precious?  They love each other so much.

Daddy and Daughter

Mark, Tyler and Uncle Ben

The graduate

Family pics

On Sunday we went to visit Grandma Charlottes younger sister. She lives about 15 minutes outside of Dallas. The last time Grandma got to see her sister was about 10 years ago! We stopped in Dallas to do a little bit of sight seeing before we went to visit. 
Dallas is so pretty. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there.

The picutes do NOT do it justice.

Great Grandma and her sister.

Great Grandma and her niece.

Another family pic.

We had a blast in Texas. Can't wait to go back in May for Tyler's graduation!