Saturday, April 24, 2010

Honest Scrap

Awww...I feel so special! I was nominated for a blog award by my friend Kristi, yes the same Kristi that did Gavin's birthday cake. This girl is pretty awesome. She manages to work a full time job, take amazing pictures of the time she spends with her kids and blog about it and also bake amazing cakes all while redecorating/redoing her house, check out her blog. Pretty impressive. 
I'm just sayin.

Anyways, by being nominated it means that I need to let you guys in on 10 honest things about myself and also nominate 10 other bloggers to do the same. 

So, here goes nothin!
  1. I don't have any tattoos, nor will I ever get one. Don't get me wrong, I like the right tattoo on the right person. My reasoning used to be because I couldn't think of anything that I would want on me for the rest of my life. But now that I have kids the only thing I would EVER get would be their names. But I don't think I would do it just for the mere fact that I wouldn't be able to tell my boys not to get one if I had one! 
  2. I always have to have dessert. It doesn't have to be sweet though, it can be just a snack. But seriously my night is not complete if I don't eat something after dinner and before bed.
  3. My feet are so gross. I have always had a complex about them. People tell me they aren't gross but they are. Oh great, now everyone is going to stare at my feet when they see me!! Well, in their defense, they haven't had a pedicure since January. 
  4.  This one goes with #2. I LOVE to eat. I am always thinking of what my next meal/snack is going to be even before I have finished the one that I am eating. I have heard that this is pretty normal though, yeah? Maybe I need to get a all my spare time!
  5. I still am not used to my hair dark. Like in my head when I picture myself or have a dream at night I am still a blonde. Sometimes when I walk by a mirror or catch a reflection of myself I don't even realize it is me and I startle myself! I wonder if this means that I am a true blonde at heart. I am gonna give this dark hair some more time to grow on me though! Thanks girls for all the compliments too, by the way!
  6. I love reality television and my husband gets so annoyed because I have most of them set to record on the dvr in both the living room and our room. So he is always having to press "don't record" for something...which makes me mad when I go to watch the next episode of Real World/Road Rules Challenge and its not there!!!! Can you tell I am a little bitter? 
  7. I drink a ridiculous amount of water. I refill my water bottle (it is like a full on sport's bottle) about 10 times a day.
  8. I had 6 wisdom teeth. Most people only have 4. I had 4 on top and 2 on bottom.
  9. I love to cook but I hate all the preparation that goes into cooking. Like I hate having to make a list and go get all the stuff at the grocery store. It is such a pain.
  10. I have my 1/2 Marathon next Sunday and I am freaking out!! The farthest I have run is 6 miles at one time. I know I could have gone farther, physically I felt fine but I didn't want to push my hip. I know I am going to finish it, even if I have to walk. I am really nervous but excited for it! 
Okay so now I am supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers...but honestly I don't know that many bloggers and half the ones I do have already been nominated, but I will nominate the ones that haven't. Wow that was a lot of "nominates" in one sentence. haha.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gavin's Candyland

Gavin turned 1 on April 17th! I do not know where this last year has gone.We had an amazing party for my little man on Saturday. The theme was Candyland, as in the board game. I always wanted to do a candy buffet (can you see how much I love candy, oh wait it's not MY party, hehe) and I figured why not? I think it turned out pretty awesome. My friend Kristi from Your Sugar Rush made the birthday cake and she did a wonderful made a perfect addition to my the candy buffet! Here are some pictures of the day...
The Candy Buffet
The jumphouse and lollipop decorations.
The Smash Cake
Close up of the Gorgeous Cake
Talan sneaking some candy from one of the centerpieces.
Grandpa John and the Birthday Boy
My handsome Little Man
Nana Susie with Gavin
Bringing the cake to the Birthday Boy
Gavin anxiously awaiting his cake.
Wait, its for you Gavin...not Talan!

Mmmmm....yummy cake!
Let me tell you, it was SOOO good, and SO worth breaking the rules (Get Fit Challenge has 1 week to go)
You mean I get to hit it and try to break it?? Yeah buddy!
Silly Daddy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin!

I am working on the full recap of his birthday party right now, but until then here is a cute pic of him eating his cake!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

It has been way too long since my last post. I don't know what has gotten into me. I just have not felt like blogging. Maybe it is because I have just been so busy that the last thing I feel like doing is blogging. With this Get Fit Challenge added in my mix on top of all my motherly/wifely (are those words?) duties and trying to stay on top of my eBay store, I am just exhausted by the end of the night. The funny thing is I haven't been sleeping well either so that is just another thing to add to the list. Okay, enough complaining. 

We went to the river last weekend and it has taken me this entire week to finally feel back on track. I don't know why it always throws me for a loop when we go. It is probably because it takes me an entire week to get ready to go and then an entire week to unpack for only a couple days of fun. 

It is worth it though, for sure. The boys had so much fun. It was perfect weather. The water, on the other hand, was FREEZING. That didn't stop Talan from playing in it though! That kid is nuts! Nothing phases him. Nothing gets in the way of his good time! Haha. Gavin also had a blast sitting on the beach watching his brother and cousins play and playing in the sand.

On Easter the Easter Bunny visited our trailer. They got baskets full of goodies. They also had an easter egg hunt outside on the grass in front of the trailer. Troy, Cade, Talan and Brodie ran around and had a blast finding the eggs. Gavin crawled around and got a couple eggs. He had no clue what was going on but loved to watch. We had a nice relaxing weekend and can't wait to go back! 

Here are some pictures from the river...

Talan being his crazy self. I swear I feed my child! He looks so skinny in these pictures. I wish I had as much energy as he does and his metabolism.
Gavin playing in the sand
Talan playing in the water.
My mom, Mark with Gavin and Talan riding in the back.
Camera is a little blurry (Gavin got some slobber on the lens..woops)
I had to post this. It was so funny after Talan's bath I put lotion on his face and it stung his sunburn. He insisted that I put bandaids on it. As soon as they were on he forgot about the sunburn. Haha
Talan opening his card from Great-Grandma
Thank you Great Grandma!
Cade and Talan on the way to the easter egg hunt.
They couldn't get there fast enough!
Hunting for eggs
Cousins (Troy came out from Tennessee)
The whole gang.
This is how much work goes into one picture. Mark and my sister-in-law Jaime helping to arrange the kiddos.

This is what all that work gets you, still not a perfect picture but cute!