Friday, October 30, 2009

Terrific 2's?

Well I posted an update on my facebook today about Talan and his temper tantrum. Talan has this blanket that he has had since he was born, he actually came home from the hospital with it. He has this attachment to it like nothing I have ever seen. He HAS to have this thing in the car, when he sleeps, when he is tired, when he watches tv, and so on and so on. So, today when he took his nap I snuck in his room and took it so that I could wash it (It needed to be washed badly!) Well later on in the day after he had woke up I was transferring the wet laundry into the dryer and he happened to walk by right when I was putting his "ni-ni" in the dryer. He immediately started flipping out. I decided that I had to film this tantrum. Maybe one day I will just happen to bust it out and show his first date! hehe Anyways, please don't watch this video if you don't like whiny, crying babies because it will just give you a headache!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We went to the pumpkin patch last Sunday. The boys had a lot of fun, but Talan had the most fun. He actually got to do stuff this year, unlike last year where he just kind of sat there. (See here.) Anyways, he got to go on his first pony ride. He also went on the bungee jump thing ( I don't know the name of it) the tractor ride and the blow up slide thing. We had so much fun watching him. He is such a little daredevil and he isn't even 2 yet! I think I am in for it...which reminds me....

We had our first trip to the E.R. the day before this! You wouldn't know it would ya!? Well it ended up not being a big deal but in the moment it felt like it was. Talan fell off the couch (he was jumping on the couch and his leg got caught in his silky blanket) and he went head first into the corner of the coffee table. It left the biggest bump I have ever seen (on him), which freaked me out...which in turn freaked him out even more! I was worried about a concussion so we took him in. They told us to watch out for the signs of a concussion and if he started acting funny to bring him back in....thanks a lot Corona Regional!! haha, oh well...better safe than sorry! Now I have had a little taste of how my mother in law felt raising 3 boys and always being in the emergency room! I am not looking forward to any more visits.

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch...

Halloween Party

On Saturday Mark and I went to 2 Halloween parties. We got dressed up, Mark was Michael Jackson and I was Madonna (or an 80's rockstar, whichever you prefer) It was lots of fun! We went with my friend Angela, her husband Shawn and my friend Carl. Carl was so sweet to drive us around (he doesn't drink). Anyways, we had so much fun! Here are some pics of us before the parties, I left my camera in the car so I will post more pics that my friend Angela took later.

6 Months

Gavin turned 6 months old on the 17th. I know I sound like a broken record but I really can't believe it has been 6 months already! It seems like time has flown by so much faster with Gavin than it did with Talan. He is getting so big! He is already wearing size 12 months in a lot of clothes, some he wears 18 months in! Talan and Gavin are able to share some clothes already! That makes it kind of nice though! Anyways, he is such a wonderful little boy. He makes me smile every day. He LOVES to jump in his jumper and he also loves to watch his brother. He is doing a little bit of scooching on his belly, so I think he is going to crawl soon. He grabs for everything. He is a great eater, he is eating peas, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, apples, bananas and carrots. I took him for his 6 month checkup on Friday and he was 20 lbs, 2 oz (90th percentile), 28 1/4" long (90th percentile).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Angel's Game

Not last Friday but the one before that, Mark called me up in the morning and told me that we were going on a date that night and he had already got a babysitter. He was trying to keep it a surprise but I kept bugging and bugging him and he finally told me where we were going. We went to the Angel's playoff game against the Boston Red Sox. It was so much fun. I have been to baseball games before, but never a playoff game! What a difference. The stadium was so loud and full of energy. It was such an amazing game, and the Angel's even won! We had great seats too! Here are some pics from the game...

Haha..I liked this Bud Light bottle, so I put it in my purse to take home...of course there was beer still left in it and it spilled on my phone and ruined it!! I have great luck!

A Nice Surprise

I finally got my laptop back so I can catch up on some missed blogging. It has been quite a while since I updated. About 2 weeks ago I got a very nice surprise at my doorstep. It was a package from my Grandma Peggy. Inside was a very sweet note, and 4 pairs of new jammies for the boys...2 each! How nice is that! With it starting to get cold at night the new jammies will definitely come in handy! Here are some pictures of Talan and Gavin modeling them. Talan got a pair that looks like a race car driving suit and it is sooooo cute! Mark loves them too (of course!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Header

I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to my friend April who designed my header for my blog...soooo adorable and she just did it...I didn't even ask! So Sweet, and to top it off she is recovering from Gall Bladder surgery. Feel better girl!!

Anyways, I also wanted to say that I haven't posted in a few days because my laptop is in the shop, the screen went out again. I can't upload pictures to this computer so until I get it back I don't want to post. I have a lot to post though, we went to the Angel's game Friday and then to the Nascar rece yesterday so I have some cute pictures to post!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sleepy Jumper

Gavin wore himself out jumping in his jumper...yes I know I am mean to keep waking him up but it was the cutest thing ever!! Here is the video...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tanaka Farms

On Friday Talan and I went to Tanaka Farms in Irvine. It was a planned trip with my Stroller Strides group. We had so much fun. It was so nice to be able to just take Talan. We went to Stroller Strides in the morning, then afterwards dropped Gavin off with Tina (Mark's secretary who is ALWAYS there for us and watches the boys when I need help! Thank you again Tina) Anyways, after we dropped Gavin off, we were off to Tanaka Farms! I had never been there before but it was so amazing. It has a pumpkin patch, vegetable patch, petting zoo, and so much more. Poor Talan, I dressed him in jeans and it was 90 degrees! I thought that since it was in Irvine it would be cooler than the Inland Empire, but BOY was I wrong! That is why his cheeks are bright red in most of the pictures! When we first got there we got on a wagon that is pulled by a tractor that took us to the petting zoo, then after that it took us over to the pumpkin and vegetable patch where Talan got to pick his pumpkin and he also got to pick vegetables! He has such a good time...and so did I! Here are some pictures of the trip!
He had to put a piece of straw in his mouth...Farmer Talan!
Wow,I look like a hot mess...keep in mind this was AFTER my workout and I didn't get a chance to shower...but Talan looks cute!
This llama was sooooo ugly! I had to take a picture...look at those teeth! YES those are Teeth!
Talan and his friend thought he was ugly too!
"Momma, this is so much fun!" ~Talan

I couldn't get him to look at the camera, this was good enough and that pumpkin was thrown to the ground shortly after this picture was taken!
Pictures from the Tractor ride of the Farm.
More Pics of the farm.
Talan found the perfect pumpkin.
Then he had a fall.
"Momma I dirty"
Talan's pumpkin

Talan' vegetables that he picked himself.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Johnny Jumper

Gavin is finally big enough to go in the Johnny Jumper...but of course Talan just HAD to do it because Gavin can't do anything that Talan can't do!! I had to film Talan jumping in it because it just doesn't look right. The thing isn't supposed to bounce that high!