Monday, October 19, 2009

Angel's Game

Not last Friday but the one before that, Mark called me up in the morning and told me that we were going on a date that night and he had already got a babysitter. He was trying to keep it a surprise but I kept bugging and bugging him and he finally told me where we were going. We went to the Angel's playoff game against the Boston Red Sox. It was so much fun. I have been to baseball games before, but never a playoff game! What a difference. The stadium was so loud and full of energy. It was such an amazing game, and the Angel's even won! We had great seats too! Here are some pics from the game...

Haha..I liked this Bud Light bottle, so I put it in my purse to take home...of course there was beer still left in it and it spilled on my phone and ruined it!! I have great luck!


  1. how sweet! looks like it was a lot of fun! does your husband get babysitters on his won a lot? my husband has never done that on his own before!

  2. Cute pictures! My hubby loves the Angels and we didn't get to go this year due to no babysitter!! I'm a little bit jealous I have to say. Let's hope they win tonight!