Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Pictures

Yes, I have been lagging yet again on my blog posts! Life just gets in the way sometimes! We have been very very busy the last month. I will try and catch up on pictures soon.
Last week my sister came over and took some pictures of the family since Kiely and Tyler were here visiting. My sister's passion is photography and video and so she has decided to follow that passion and make it her career. I am very proud of her and she does amazing work. She sent over just a few of the pictures that she took that day. You can see more of her work on her website, or you can "like" her on facebook, Carly Kennelly Photo/Video.

I am so happy that we FINALLY have a new picture to put on the blog that doesn't show Talan and Gavin as babies!

The kiddos

The fam bam

A candid shot, I really like candids.

Brothers <3

Ty and his bike

Good Lookin these 2

The boys were over one of the "adults" haha

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Broken Arm & The First Day of School

Wow, I feel like I am actually getting caught up on a lot of the Summer. Go Me! haha. I have so many more things to blog about but at least I have covered the most important things that have happened this Summer. 

At the end of July, Talan went to the park with our babysitter while I was at work. When they got back the babysitter came out to get me (for those of you that don't know we have our office at our house but it is seperated from the rest of the house) She told me that she didn't know what happened but he was complaining that his arm hurt. 

What?! You don't know what happened??! What were you doing then? Sitting there on your phone?! 

I didn't say any of this...but I was thinking it of course. 

I asked Talan what happened and he told me. "I wanted to go on the monkey bars and no one would help me so I did it myself and I fell on my arm." Talan is not a complainer and he doesn't cry over many things. He didn't even cry at all but I knew something was wrong. He was just sitting on the couch holding his arm and telling me "Make is stop hurting mommy" So off to urgent care we went. He had xrays and it showed a fracture in both wrist bones.Luckily it wasn't near the growth plates. So they put him in a splint and referred us to the Orthopedic Surgeon. We went there the next day and they put him in a cast for 30 days. 

This put a huge damper in the last few weeks of Summer Break. Talan handled it like a champ though, I am so proud of him. The only thing he really complained about was how itchy it was.

Anyways, I had to fill the back story about Talan's arm because you will see him with a cast on in these next pictures, from the first day of school. 

The boys started school at a different school this year, one that is a lot closer to our house. Like I could literally throw a rock and hit it. I love it. The boys love it...what more could you ask for?

I couldn't have planned this one better with the bus in the background.

Walking down the hall after dropping off Talan in his class.

I can't believe my baby is in school! Time is going way too fast.

And last but not least, here is a picture of the Xray of Talan's arm after they took his cast off.
I don't now why it is sideways and blogger won't let me fix it...but if you look closely you can see the white on his wrist that is the calcium deposits where the bone healed. Kind of cool looking!


Troy and Brittany
My nephew Troy and niece Brittany came out from Tennessee in mid August for 10 days. We went to the river the first weekend that they were here. It was hot! 114 degrees!! We were down at the water most of the days.  It was so nice to see the kids. We got to see Troy last summer, but it had been 3 years since we last saw Brittany. Talan was just a baby!

Troy is such a goofball. Love him.

My boys are stuck together at the hip. 

Papa Buck Skiing.
Talan got to go tubing .
My boys
Cade, Brittany, Gavin, Grandpa Steve, Tyler, Talan and Troy
Me and my boys. Geez I cannot ever get a good picture!

Great Grandma Charlotte's 94th Birthday

In July we celebrated Grandma Charlotte's 94th Birthday. It was a luau/hawaiian theme. We had it at our house. Debi and I did the decorations which I enjoyed. We got a lot of the stuff at the dollar store! It was catered by a catering company out of Orange County. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the party and not worry about cooking. Normally I am running around the whole time getting all the food out, so this one was relaxing. Everyone had a great time. We ate, drank, swam and caught up with all of our friends and family. It was a great turn out. I think we had about 40 people show up!

Great Grandma's banner, made by Mark of course
Great Grandma with her best friend

Before the guest arrived

Debi got some fresh flowers from her friend. They were so pretty. We made displays for the tables and for the bar.

One of our flower centerpieces. The plumerias are from our yard.
So cute! Loved this fruit display

The buffet

Everyone signed grandmas poster and got lei'd when they came in.
My sister Carly and Me

Party in full swing
Grandma had a great time!
Debi (Tom's Debi) and Debby Dickson with Dave
Talan didn't get out of the water for most of the day.
It was a beautiful day.
Erin, Baby Clay and Margie

The kiddos enjoying the cake!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! We love you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Talan's Graduation

At the end of June, Talan graduated from preschool. He has learned so much since starting school. I am so proud of him. He recently started school again at a new school that is closer to our house. He is in Pre-K now! Such a big boy.

Here he is performing with his class.

Mrs. Freda with Talan and of  course Gavin wanted to get in the picture too.

Nana Susie and Talan

Alexis, Ashley, Talan and Grandpa John

Family picture. Maybe one day we will get one that everyone is looking. Haha

Father's Day River Trip

I didn't take a lot of picture this trip. I wish I would have taken more, I guess I was just too busy having fun! This was our first trip in 18 months (we have been back again since) but before that it had been forever! We had a blast, and the weather was nice. Not too hot at all. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Tyler and his "Honcho" hat

Playing on the beach in the sand. The boys love the river.

My boys.

Skyla...she is too cute.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Talan found a tiny shell.

Most of the cousins...missing Kourtney, Kiely, Brittany and Troy

It was a nice trip...the river is always a good time.