Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Weeks 3 and 4 Update

Well I have been slacking off in the updating department...mostly because I have not been very motivated for about the last week. It started last Tuesday while I was running my 4 miles. I started to get a slight pain in my hip and thought to myself "I will just run through it". BIG MISTAKE. I ran through it all right...but as soon as I got off that treadmill I could barely walk. I thought maybe I needed to stretch it, so I did that, with no relief. The next day was even worse so I ended up missing Stroller Strides as well. I rested that day and the next day it was feeling better but I cannot put any pressure on it or it hurts like heck(high impact stuff...like running!) I explained my symptoms to one of my instructors (who is also a physical therapist) I told her about the pain in the side/back of my hip and how it was localized and hurts when I run or jump. She told me it sounds like bursitis. So...I googled it (bad idea).

Sounds to me like I won't be running any time soon which is kind of depressing. I have been icing it every day and have not run. I am able to do the elliptical but when you are training for a 1/2 marathon it is just NOT the same. I am hoping by some miracle it gets better in the next week and then I can *maybe* catch up with the training schedule and be able to run...so everyone send some positive thoughts my way. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them??

So the injury happened and since I am such an emotional eater this past weeks eating has not been good either. Isn't that funny...I can't work out so I just want to eat....such a vicious cycle. Well I haven't gained any weight so that is a good thing...and I am going to try to get back on track with the eating. I am going to Stroller Strides today (I went yesterday too) I just can't run, I have to kind of limp in the back. woo hoo! (not)

Anyways, I am hoping to give you all a better update next week!

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