Thursday, March 11, 2010



So it is week 6 of the Get Fit Challenge. I have not been able to run for about 2 weeks. I *think* I have bursitis and the only fix for that is to rest it and not do activities that aggravate it. I have not been to the doctor yet because I have a high deductible and don't want to pay for an MRI just to have them tell me that I need to stay off of it. X-rays won't show anything and those are expensive too.

I did go to a Holistic Chiropractor yesterday just for a consultation to see if there was anything that he could do. He told me that I have a slight curve in my spine which has caused my right leg to be longer and is making my hip hurt when I run because of it. He wants me to come to weekly treatments to correct my spine which will in turn correct my hip problem. Hmmmm...I don't know what to think about that!

My friend Tricia is a Physical Therapist and she told me that 9 out of 10 people have some sort of a curve in their spine and if my leg being longer was such a problem it would have been a problem a long time ago, not when I upped my mileage in running. She wants to try doing some ultrasound therapy on it and see what that does for it.

So that is my status now with running. I can't run. It sucks. I am bummed.

I have been going to Stroller Strides 5 times a week and eating (pretty) healthy. Healthier than I was prior to this challenge.

I have only lost 1 pound!!! Are you kidding me?? All this work for 1 measly pound??

Ok, ok, you may be thinking...muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah...well I took my measurements in the beginning of this challenge too and I have not lost an inch either! What is going on? I am busting my butt with this. The eating is especially hard for me. If I could have been eating like I normally did and stayed the same I totally would have!

Ok...vent over...on another note...

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day and it has me feeling

Thankful that I get to take my kids to the park on such a gorgeous day...
Thankful that they love to share the swing. Well, they had to share a swing because there was one swing open and they were fighting over it.
My solution was...share it or no one gets worked!
Thankful for wonderful mommy friends. These pics are from playgroup today. I am now the Village Park playgroup captain and today we decorated pot's of gold.
Thankful for my friend Patty and her son Addison...I love them to pieces.


  1. Ahhh, Jaymi, I'm so sorry! What is Bursitis? I've never heard of that, but from what you are saying it sounds horrible.
    I totally know what you mean about the whole weight thing. I did SS 5 days a week over the summer, just like you, and when I weighed myself it was like little to NO change-seriously? It was SO discouraging. I totally get it. And the whole muscle and fat thing-whatever, I want to SEE the difference not just feel it!
    Yay on being the PG Captian! How fun! I miss SS, I can't wait to get back to it this summer :)

  2. Awesome job on eating well & attending Stroller Strides so regularly! It stinks when you don't see the numbers on the scale matching the effort you put in, but my guess is you'll be amazed when you measure yourself after the GFC. It's really not about the numbers, but things like toning up, how your clothes fit etc. Also, in Stroller Strides try really pushing yourself- getting hot & sweaty & tired at each class- sometimes just pumping it up a bit really helps!
    Keep plugging along & you'll get it!:)

  3. Jaymi, I totally feel for you. I do know that doing ultrasounds on injuries works wonders. I had a few injuries in collage and they hooked me up to the ultrasound and it really did help. I sure hope you heal fast! Don't deductables suck? Mine is awful too, I feel like all I do is pay!

    I do think that your body is probably changing more than you think. I would give anything to be toned again, even if I never lost the weight. Seriously, I jiggle, lol!! Try to stay motivated and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!!

    The park pics are awesome, I love the second one and the one with the two of them in the same swing. Darling! Your boys are so cute!