Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Week 2 Update

Last week went way better than last! I went to Stroller Strides 4 out of 5 days (didn't go Monday since the boys weren't feeling good...seems to be a Monday trend because they weren't feeling good today either and we didn't go to class! hmmm) Anyways, I ran 4 days last week as well...Monday I ran 3.5 miles, Tuesday 2 miles, Thursday 2 miles and Saturday 2 miles! Go ME! woo hoo! I haven't ever run this much in my life but I am on a 1/2 marathon training schedule and I am sticking to it to a tee! Except today I didn't..but not in a bad way. I ran 4 miles today and later found out I was only suppose to run 3. Woops! So tomorrow I am going to have to run another 4 when I thought tomorrow was only supposed to be 3. Confused yet? So this week the eating was good except for yesterday (Who eats good on Valentine's Day??) I lost a pound last week which is better than the week before that I gained 3! Feeling good and loving this running thing!


  1. UUUUHHHHHHH!!! You're running is SO motivating! I am going running this week for sure...the 5k is on Saturday!!!

  2. yay for you! i'm proud, seriously!