Monday, February 8, 2010

Parker 425~2010

I am finally unpacked after the trip and have all the laundry finished! Phew that was a LOT of laundry for a couple days. It didn't help that Saturday was a rainy day so the boys (including Mark) changed a few times! We had a great time this year. We left on Thursday afternoon. It was Gavin's first camping trip. He did really well on the way up. Well, both the boys slept most of the way so that was really nice.

Friday was contingency so we got up early and headed over to the Blue Water Casino where they have it at. We were pretty far back in line so we had a chance to check out all the booths and hang out while we waited for the car to get to tech. It was a bunch of fun. Me, Jaime, her mom Margie and Dyan even got to sneak to the casino and gamble for a bit. (A short bit for me...I lost $40 in about 5 minutes! I have the worst luck) Then later we headed back to camp and hung out. The boys loved just playing in the dirt.

Saturday was race day! The forecast was for rain but in the morning it was just a little overcast, but not raining yet. AJ started the race with a huge lead, then right before he got back to the pit the exhaust broke so they were stuck there fixing it for about 20 minutes and got passed by 2 cars so they were then in third place.

Talan was freaking out before Mark got in the car..."I GO DADDY, I GOOOO DAAAAADDY" Poor thing. He would not stop crying...he was hyperventilating and screaming and he literally cried himself to sleep. Talk about a daddy's boy! Mark got in the car and it seemed as soon as he took off it started pouring down rain!

With the pouring rain it took Mark quite a while to get into the course...and he ended up getting rammed from behind by a jeep speed car which broke the alternator fan. They stopped and fixed it and got going again pretty good, they were about an hour behind the leader. (Seems like a lot but in long courses like this anything can happen) but ended up breaking an a-arm and they were done. Such a bummer! This is the 4th time they have raced this race and they have yet to finish! Something always seems to happen.

At least we always have a great time! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Gavin's 1st Race!
Me, Dyan and Gavin
We were pooped! Nap time with my boys.
Talan enjoying the mud!
Such boys...they LOVE gettin dirty
Contingency...our good friend Tyler with Grandma Charlotte
Me and my tired boy.
Great Grandma and Talan
He just loves his Great Grandma
Talan and Ivan Stewart (a famous off-road guy from the 80's)

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  1. looks like a totally fun trip! you are looking really good too, by the way!