Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Week 1 Update

So last week was my first week of the challenge. It went pretty well considering we left to go to the race in Parker from Thursday until yesterday. I did very well the first 4 days of the challenge...went to stroller strides 4 days and even ran 3 miles on Monday and Wednesday and ate VERY good. Good thing because it seems that whenever I go on vacation I let all hell break loose. The eating wasn't so bad, it was the drinking (beer, bloody mary's and some new drink called dang gurrr's)! haha...although I didn't drink as much as I normally do so that is good! I had a blast with friends/family so it was worth it...back on track this week. The boys are sick so no stroller strides today. I am going to attempt a 4 mile run when they go down for a nap!


  1. I totally need to do something like this. I've been dying to start running but don't have anyone to watch my kids. I could just leave them at home and take my monitor with me around the block. Just kidding, I'd never do that, please don't call CPS on me.

    I hope you kick some stroller stride booty!

  2. good for you! its ok that you had some drinks, you were on vacation afetrall!

    so you must have a treadmill, right? i need one so bad!

  3. Dang Gurr? Do tell! Good for you and the miles! I need to get back to it...5K on the 20th!!!