Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys!!

What am I gonna do with them?? We decorated cookies yesterday and I was cleaning up so I let the boys play a little in the backyard while I did. I heard Talan laughing so I went outside to find...
You probably put the pieces together as to what happened!! Why is Talan so mean to his little brother? Is this normal? I know they are close in age but geeez!


  1. This totally makes me laugh!! It's like my kids only boys!!! I have to say I think it is extremely normal!

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, I have not been blogging for a week. So busy. The street in Corona is off of Main, right before Ontario. Can't remember the name, but I hope this helps! It's actually two streets now, and so worth it if you can squeeze it in!

  2. Ha! Whats so sad is that Gavin (Travis in my case) is probably sitting there thinking, "please stop" but don't know how to say it! They are cute regardless :)
    To piggy back off of Krisi's comment there is also an AMAZING street in Rancho that you guys should check out next year...we'll talk then :)

  3. oh yes... it's normal in my house, anyway. derek pours milk on james and jillian, juice too... hits them with toys... it's terrible. good luck!