Friday, January 6, 2012

This and That and Some More Organization

For the past 2 weeks, maybe even 3, we have all been sick in our household. It all started the week before Christmas when Kiely and Tyler came to visit. They must have caught something on the plane ride over because the morning after they got here they were both miserable. Then sure enough our whole house took turns having the cold. Last week, after I thought we had all recovered, Talan came into our room in the morning complaining that his throat hurt. Sure enough, he had a fever and a huge lump on his neck. I took him to the doctor right away and they tested him for mono and cancer (eeek) but it ended up being tonsilitis. She said he must have had an infection of some sort and it settled in his lymph node. After a few days on antibiotics that was all cleared up, thank goodness.

Then this week, of course, after I thought I had beaten my cold, I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I have had strep so many times and I just knew that it had to be strep. When I looked in the mirror my tonsils were bright red, inflammed and had white spots all over them. YUCK!! I went straight to Urgent Care. I couldn't even swallow water. It was so painful. She gave me antibiotics and told me to take advil for the pain. Well, advil has nothing on this pain. I had some leftover vicodin and that didn't even take the pain away. I had to have my mom come over and help me with the boys because all I could do was lay there. It hurt to move, let along take care of two busy boys.

Well, flash forward to this morning and I am feeling better...not 100%. It still hurts to swallow but at least I can swallow now. I am hoping a few more doses of the antibiotic and the pain will go away and I will be as good as new!

Anyways, on a lighter note, the weather here in so cal has been AMAZING. So gorgeous! It feels like late spring, early summer. It has been in the 80's here all week. I even let the boys swim in the heated spa yesterday (It's not that warm yet!)

In keeping with my resolutions, today I decided to organize underneath my sink. I keep all my cleaning products, dish soap, sponges, air freshener, etc. under there. Lately I have been just throwing stuff in there and hoping the cupboard closes and hides the mess. It has been bugging me for a while but I haven't made the time to just do it. So today I had enough. I took everything out. I found so much stuff that was expired. Did you know cleaning products go bad?  I wiped out the bottom and cleaned the containers that hold all the bottles. I put it all back in, sorting it so I know where to find everything. Now, to KEEP it that way!

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