Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pantry Reorganization: Before and After

So in sticking with my 2012 resolutions, today I chose to reorganize our kitchen pantry. I didn't realize when I started what a task it was! I should have taken pictures of the "during" because that sure was a sight to see. My kitchen looked like a bomb went off! It's amazing the things you find when you start taking everything out. I won't need to grocery shop for canned goods for a while. I literally found 15 cans of diced tomatoes! I always buy more at the store every time I shop because I think we are running low. Ha, we won't be running low any time soon. It feels so nice to have that done. It was bugging me every time I opened it up to find something. Now I know where everything is. I even used some extra baskets I had from the dollar store to put loose snacks in (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc)

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