Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30th Birthday Surprise!

I am such a lucky girl.

I have the most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful husband in the whole world. I also have amazing friends and family who helped him to pull off a complete surprise for me on Saturday night. 

Honestly, the past month or so I had been having such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I would soon be in my 30's. No more 20's. Wow...I cannot believe it still. Anyways, Mark and I had talked a while back about maybe having a joint party to celebrate both mine and his birthday's (His bday is the day after mine + 10 years, lol) but we just didn't get around to planning it! Well boy was I wrong...

So last week my friend's Emily, Natalie and Megan started asking me what I was doing for my birthday to celebrate and I told them nothing. Well they insisted on taking me out on Saturday night to at least have dinner and drinks to celebrate. I was kinda eh about it still, not in a celebrating mood, but the girls got me pumped up about it. We had such a great time at dinner! Then after we were going to go "pick up" our friend at Chronic Cantina and have a drink or 2 and then go somewhere else. Well this is what I walked into at Chronic Cantina...

Here I am in complete shock...

Wow...so crazy!

I was crying in this picture...good thing you can't see my face!
My hubby pulled off a great surprise...he is the best! <3 Love you babe!

Here are some more pictures from the night. There was SO much food, good drinks, GREAT friends and lots of dancing. The PERFECT way to ring in my 30th year! I have AMAZING family and AMAZING friends...what more could I need! 
Me and my Momma
Jaime, Me and Amy
My GORGEOUS cake done by Your Sugar Rush.
SP baby! All my friends from Stroller Strides...such wonderful friends! <3
Auntie Kristal, My Mother In Law Linda and Cuz Amy
Some friends from High School came!! I haven't seen them in 10 years!!!
Love my brother!!
Mark and Uncle Tom
Beautiful Girls, Karlee and Jaime
Such a great night!!!

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