Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 Month Checkup

Gavin went last week for his 15 month checkup. I can't believe how big he is already! He is turning into a boy, it is really sad (to his mom at least). He is talking so much lately. He says Mama, Dadda, Doggy, Woof Woof, Duck, Baba (for a drink), MiMi (for his blankie) Pees (please), and of course No. He can nod his head for yes and no. He is running and climbing and getting into things left and right.

At his appointment he weighed 29.5 lbs (95th percentile) and was 33.5" tall (90th percentile). He is a big boy just like Talan was at his age.

Here is a picture of him at his appointment, right before the nurse gave him 4 shots! Poor little guy had no idea what he was in for. Look how cute the little gown is that they made him wear!
After his shots he had to go get some blood drawn so they could test his iron levels...lets just say he was not a happy camper for the rest of the night...

And just because I think its fun to compare...
Gavin 15 Months
Talan 15 Months

Crazy how 2 kids can look so different yet so alike!

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