Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Nice Relaxing Saturday

This weekend was just a low-key hanging out kind of Saturday. We got up early, Mark had to put up a sign, so he took Talan with him. Talan loves going to work with his daddy...he gets so excited and has so much to talk about when he gets home. I decided to take Gavin out for a jog before it got too hot, but by 9 o'clock I was already roasting and decided to cut my run short. Last week it was starting to feel like Fall, and it was even a little bit chilly...then BAM here we go with the HOT weather! I shouldn't be complaining too much since we did have a mild summer, but I just do not enjoy these hot days...triple digits!! It is no fun playing in the backyard when it is that hot. We had to wait until 5 to take the boys in the pool so the sun wasn't so intense. I am sure the boys wouldn't have minded but I just don't enjoy baking in the sun if you know what I mean. Talan and Gavin LOVE swimming with their daddy.  They just play and play and play and when they get out they are exhausted, which equals an early bedtime...woo hoo! 

 Gavin loves floating! He pushes us away and wants to do it by himself!

 I love this picture, the boys are having a "moment"

 Talan is so excited that he swam to the ledge by himself!

 This is what Gavin does when he says "peace" he doesn't quite know how to put up the second finger!
Mohawk Man!

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