Monday, September 27, 2010

Stroller Strides Family Picnic

Yesterday was the 1st Annual Stroller Strides Family Picnic for Corona/Norco. Unfortunately we planned it on a day that was extremely HOT! Who would have thought the end of September would have a major heat wave, oh wait, who am I kidding? we DO live in Southern California and this Summer has been extremely mild to say the least...I guess we are due for some heat...YUCK! I am so ready for Fall! 

It was 107 at 3 o'clock when the picnic started. Luckily, we brought a bunch of shade and squirt bottles for the kids. Man, when it is that hot, all you can think about is how hot it just isn't right! Anyways, besides the heat we had a blast! There was a 3 legged race, tug o war, sack races, and a hula hoop game where you all stood in a circle holding hands and had to pass it without letting go. So much fun! Talan even helped his team win the tug a war! They really enjoyed the picnic. 
 Here are some of the EZ ups, no we didn't set them up lopsided...we had to lower one side since the sun was just blazing from that direction.
 Here is me and Talan getting ready to play the hula hoop game.

  My friend Natalie and Baby Gage...he is such a cutie pie...definitely diaper only weather!
 Sack Races
 Look how flushed Talan's cheeks are!
 Gavin's cheeks are bright red...everyone kept asking me if he was getting burnt. I had 50 sunblock on him! He just gets so red in the heat! Poor guy.
 Talan getting ready for tug a war.
 Pull, pull, pull!!
 He had to pose for a picture.

After the Picnic, we headed on over to my dad's house to celebrate Alexis' birthday, which was actually last Thursday. It was nice just hanging out. The boys always love going over to Grandpa John's. There is just so much to do there! 
 They colored with Alexis and Ashley

 Grandpa John let Talan drive the tractor. Talan absolutely loves it. Look how focused he is! 
 Grandpa taught him how to use the controls.
 Dig baby dig! 
Gavin just hung out and watch his big brother while enjoying some fruit!
We had a wonderful Sunday!!

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