Monday, May 3, 2010

OC 1/2 Marathon

I did it!!! It was amazing.

A couple months ago when my hip was hurting I didn't think that I would be able to finish, but I did and I am so very proud of myself!

Here is a picture of us 4 girls before the race.
Kristin, Emily, Megan and Me

We all started together but after about mile 3 I had to slow down a bit. I took an energy gel and waited for it to kick in. At that point I was just hoping to finish and I hadn't even reached halfway yet. But about mile 5 that energy gel kicked in (or maybe it was adrenaline) I don't know, I got a burst of energy and just went. I turned up my music and just got in a rhythm. Before I knew it I saw a sign that said Mile 7! Woo hoo I was more than halfway. I had to stop and use the port-a-potty around mile 10, but then felt great the rest of the way. I only had to stop to walk at one hill. As I was coming in to the finish line I saw Mark and the boys and my mom and then I started to cry. All the feelings I have had over the last few months...frustration, anticipation, nervousness and doubt all came out as I was running that last bit of course. I could barely catch my breath. It felt AMAZING to cross that finish line. My official time was 2:37:38. 

Here is a picture post-race. I was still trying to catch my breath so excuse the look on my face!


  1. Way to go! So great, such a great post about how it felt too! Seriously, none of you girls look like you ran at all! I NEVER look that good even after 3 miles!

  2. What an accomplishment!

    That is so awesome, you go girl, and you still look hot after all that running! This is so inspiring!

  3. Um, can I say "HOT MAMA!" Sheesh! You don't even look like you ran either! If it were me, my face would be bright red and I'd be friggin' drenched! You look amazing and I'm so proud of you; what an accomplishment!

    PS-What do your shirts say???