Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Reveal Party

So I am finally getting around to posting this. The Get Fit Challenge ended on April 30th...I have just been so busy (and injured, that will be another post...coming soon) to post the results!

Anyways, I got my final dunk and they told me that I lost 9 pounds! Woo hoo! That was pretty awesome considering I had only lost 1 pound up until week 9. This challenge was 12 weeks. Although, the way I have eaten the last week I have probably gained it all back! They wouldn't tell us what our percentages were though because they didn't want people to figure out amongst each other who had won. There were 2 categories, post partum and everyone else. I was in the everyone else category.

The reveal party was at Miguels Restaurant in Corona. It was so much fun. Me and Mark, my friends Emily, Katie and Megan and their husbands all chipped in together and got a limo. We thought we deserved it after all of our hard work...and we definitely did!

I didn't end up winning but I am so glad that I was a part of it. My friend Emily won the post partum category though! And my friend Tricia got 2nd place in the everyone else category! Congrats to them!

Here are my results!
Starting Body Fat %: 24%      Ending Body Fat %: 19.3%
Change in Body Fat %  -4.7%
Starting Weight: 163               Ending Weight: 154.3
Change in Total Weight: -8.8lbs
Lean Mass Starting: 123.9 lbs   Ending Lean Mass: 124.5
Change in Lean Mass: .6lbs
Fat Mass Starting: 39.1 lbs       Ending Fat Mass: 29.8 lbs

Here are some pictures from the Reveal Party


  1. You ROCK!!! Do you realize how good 19% body fat is? I don't think you even have a clue! You did amazing!!! WOW! You should be so proud of yourself Little! That's awesome! You're my hero:) I need to do something like that as soon as this baby graces us with her presence, ha-ha!