Sunday, November 29, 2009

Talan's 2nd Birthday/Thanksgiving

This year Talan's 2nd birthday fell on Thanksgiving. We decided to have dinner at our house since it was his birthday. We wanted to do a little celebration for him before his big party next weekend. We ended up having about 25 members of our family over (yes, we have a big family) My little boy is not so little anymore. I still think of him as my baby! He is talking so much now. He says so many different words and puts them together in sentences. I wish I would have taken more pictures from the day but I was so busy cooking the turkey and ham and running around like a crazy woman. Everything turned out great though and Talan enjoyed his day.

I still can't believe that this little guy....
Has turned into this guy...

Time goes way too fast.


Anyways, here are some more pictures from the day.

Talan enjoying his pancake face breakfast.

Talan showing off his new bike.


Opening presents.

Enjoying his new stuff.

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