Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween was a lot of fun this year because Talan actually understood what was going on. Last year, not so much. We went out to Orange to AJ and Jaime's house so all the cousins could go Trick-or-Treating together. Talan was a Vampire, Gavin was a Devil, Cade was a Skeleton and Brodie was a Pirate. They were so adorable!! They had a blast getting all the candy. I think they ate half their bags too (they snuck it out of their pumpkins while we weren't looking) I kept catching Talan with a different packet of something or another! Luckily some people were nice enough to hand out pretzels or crackers instead of ALL candy. Plus I don't need it lying around...I have eaten my share! Here are some pics...
Gavin and Grandpa Steve

He loves this push car!

Talan and Great Grandma Charlotte

Gavin and Daddy

Mommy and Talan

Talan and Cade in the wagon

My little Vampire

Brodie as a pirate. He didn't want to wear his hat so we painted a beard and mustache on him.

Talan, Cade and Gavin

My little Devil

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