Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poor Frankie

So Friday I left around 8:45 am to go to my Stroller Strides class like I normally do. I had no idea that Frankie had snuck out while I was loading the boys in the car. I went to my class. Around 11 Mark calls me and says "How long till you will be home?" and I say "Um, in a few, why?" and he says "Frankie has been attacked by something, the pool guy just called me. He is bleeding and won't come to him." OMG I guess Frankie had somehow gotten away! Mark rushed home and so did I. I bawled the entire way home. It was all my fault that Frankie got out! I got home to see Mark holding Frankie in a towel covered in blood. I wanted to see him just in case he didn't make it. Mark rushed him to the vet. After what seemed like an eternity Mark finally called me to tell me that he was in surgery and they were checking to make sure that he would be able to eat and drink normally, if not then it would probably be best to put him down. I started bawling again. Finally about 2 hours later Mark called me again to tell me that he did good in the surgery and he "should" be fine. We just need to make sure that he eats and drinks normally for the next week. My poor little Frankie. Here are some pictures of his wounds.
Stitches along the top of his neck.

2 puncture wounds under his neck

Then this morning on my way to Stroller Strides, at 9 am I see this running down the street! So scary. We called animal control and they are going to come out and investigate! What is going on? We have never had this problem before.


  1. ahhhh, i'm sorry about your doggie! i would cry too! my dog is like my child. poor thing! i hope he's feeling better soon!

    i love that your blog is all ready for the holidays!

  2. Oh, your poor dog, I hope he recovers okay, and quickly. My Mom has lost a million cats to coyotes, just recently she lost three and is left with one. One was a poor little kitten and Tim and I decided to adopt her on the day she disappeared. So sad.

    I agree with Kelly, your blog looks great!

  3. Thank you both for the nice comments! I wish I could take credit for the layout but it was my friend April that did it for me! She is awesome! Kristi~that sucks about your moms cats!

  4. Oh my, I would have been crying with you!! Our dog is like our other child! I hope he is doing ok, keep me posted!!!