Friday, September 4, 2009

Mommy's Monkey

So, I am playing outside with Talan...and Gavin wakes up from his nap so I run inside for literally 30 seconds to check on him. I am walking back outside and hear a "MOMMY!!!" so then I start running back outside. I had to go back in and get my camera because it was definitely a sight to see and I wanted Mark to see what his son had done!

Talan had pushed one of our patio chairs to the bbq island and got up on top of it where he proceeded to get ahold of the tomato seedling (that my mom grew from a seed and JUST gave me yesterday) and rip it apart! I walked out and he was holding the little seedling in his hands and he was so proud of himself!! He said "Momma...Mato!" and I said, "yeah it WAS a tomato!" Wow if this is what I have to look forward to I am in for it!! He is such a monkey! I am so glad that he hasn't figured out how to get out of his crib yet though! *KNOCK ON WOOD*

Up on top of the Island
"Cheese" (No he didn't wet his pants, that is water from the plant :))
He lost a shoe on the climb up
Look how proud he is!!!
"I fix it mommy"
"Mommy, Mato!"
So destructive!
Poor wee tomato seedling!


  1. How funny! Great job getting the camera to get those cute shots! "Mato", too cute! Thanks for all your kind comments too :)

  2. Oh my gosh Jaymes , what a lil monkey! He is a smartypants like his mom! lol. Thank for the comment on my blog , Yes April did design it and I am not sure @ all how she did it, hahaha! I just let her work her majic! Yours is just as cute if not cuter, I love it! Looking forward to seeing your guys on Sunday! Love ya!