Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barstow Toys for Tots 250

Two weekends ago we headed out to Barstow for the Toys for Tots 250 Race. Martin Brother's Racing took 1st in the 5 Class! They were so excited. AJ drove the first half, Mark drove the second half. We had a blast and so did the boys. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Gavin pretending to drive 
The racecar
Brodie and Gavin playing in the rhino.
Cade and Talan with Great Grandma Charlotte
Mark, Talan, Cade, Charlotte and AJ
Walking to the starting line.
Getting ready to start
Papa JC with Gavin, Talan and Brodie
Gavin learned to ride his strider this weekend! He was so proud of himself.
He can finally play with the big boys.
Talan being his usually crazy self.
Playing playing playing...
These boys can play!
Mark talking with Tom and Steve before he got in the car.


  1. Wow! Are your boys on bikes with no trainers? That is crazy!! I am very impressed! Boys are so much different then girls! So fun!

  2. Kristi~hahah it looks like it...but they are actually called "striders" they don't have pedals, they push them with their feet and learn balance...They still have training wheels on their bigger bikes but these have helped them sooo much with balancing.

  3. How cute this picture is of your lil boy sitting in the dump truck! haha boys will be boys. Cute!