Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

So, it has been raining here for 5 straight days. Do you know how hard it is to keep 2 little boys entertained inside for that long? I might add that these 2 boys are sick little boys so we can't go outside to splash around in the rain. Talan started off the week with a bit of a cough and runny nose which has since disappeared. Gavin has been coughing/runny nose all week and I finally braved the rain yesterday to take him to the doctors. He has double ear infections! Poor little man! This in turn kept the poor guy (and poor momma) up most of the night last night....So I basically feel like a zombie today and I am stuck in the house yet again!! We are beginning to go crazy! So far this week we have gotten the tent out to play, played with playdough, colored in coloring books, practiced singing all the songs that we know, watched hours of Barney, rode the scooter and quad indoors, and stared outside wishing the rain would stop so that we could get out of this house!! At least it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend! *praying*

What do you do to entertain your kiddos when it is pouring outside??? I need some more ideas!

Let us out!!


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  2. Sorry, that's my deleted comment, I was signed in as my Mom.

    Oh your poor little guy!! Riley had her first ear infection around Halloween, so sad!!

    Hmmm, indoor activities? We spend a lot of time indoors because of my work, Madi can pretty much entertain herself with toys/books and when Riley gets bored with coloring, reading, playing with her dollhouse, etc., we watch a movie and have a snack. She's a good movie watcher. Madison, not so much. Plus, Riley is into games and stuff now so that helps too. You, my dear, have boys, good luck with that. That has got to be really hard. Boys need grass and dirt. Let them splash around in the tub, my kids love a midday soak, it gets some of their crazy out, and after, they are more relaxed and sometimes ready for a nap...

  3. i wisah i could help you there! my kids stare at the window all day long too! i'm sick of it!