Monday, August 24, 2009

Talan's First Haircut

Well it was definitely about time for us to take Talan in to get his first haircut. I had been dreading it for a long time. But his hair didn't seem to be growing anywhere but the back so he had one little curl that just kept getting longer and longer. It kind of looked like a rat tail! We also wanted to just clean up the sides so it wasn't so s
haggy. I was dreading it because I knew that he wouldn't look like a "baby" anymore, he would look like a big boy! It definitely look
s different, but he is still as cute as ever!

We took him to a cute little place in Canyon Crest called "Monkey Dooz". He absolutely loved sitting in the little jeep while the lady cut his hair.


  1. Ahhh, he looks so cute! What a great place to take your kids. I'm about to give my girls their first real hair cuts too but my hubby's cousin is a hair stylist so she's just going to do it, I'm hoping this coming weekend. Madi has a little rat tail too, haha!!

  2. He's such a cute kid! Love the new do!

  3. So cute!!! We live RIGHT by the Towne Center! We'll have to meet up next time :) I can't wait to take Travis there...Sammy is just now getting hair, I don't want to cut any off !