Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Carrots, Peas & Green Beans....OH MY!

Well, yesterday I decided to let Talan try to feed himself! He loved it. He just couldn't seem to get them into his mouth. He could grab it with his fingers, then on the way to putting it into his mouth it would fall into his palm and smash it all over his face. I think he got about 3 little pieces in there after all that work. He ended up making a mess of his high chair and the ground below it. Lets just say I was cleaning up mushy carrots and peas for about 20 minutes after he was done! I keep finding them too everywhere. Overall, though, I am proud of him....he is growing up so fast. Before I know it he is going to be using utensils!

Here are some pictures of his attempts to feed himself his lunch...


  1. I think it's time to call in Frankie!

  2. I love it! Our little Tally will be eating a happy meal before you know it! I love you Tally!

    Auntie Jaime