Monday, March 21, 2011

On a Roll...

Wow, 2nd Post in 2 days...lets see if I can keep this up!

It is pouring rain today. I hate these days because my boys are so active. They NEED to be outside and playing or it is just not a good day. At least we made it to Stroller Strides this morning, although it was too wet for them to play on the playground, at least they got to run around for a bit and got some fresh air.

I wanted to post a couple pictures that I have that show our house. I am not going to post any of the inside yet! I don't want to disgust you guys. I have not done any type of decorating yet (and I probably won't for a while) and we need to get some furniture that fits this those are gonna have to wait!

In this one you can see our pool with the lovely net over the top. Trust me, it is way prettier in person, and definitely a lot prettier without the net. But, safety first! At least until my boys can swim, but probably not for a long time because my luck they would be in it all the time. At least the net keeps them out! In the background you can see our shop. There is a fence around the little backyard/pool area that divides the rest of the property so it is nice to keep the boys contained while Mark is "working" in the shop.
 This next picture is of the front of the house. Please excuse the poor lighting. I really must take some classes on how to use my camera. All my pictures turn out horrible! We have our sign our front, and you can see the side entrance that takes you all the way back to the shop.
 This next one is just a different angle in the backyard, I was trying to show our view of the hill behind us. It really is so pretty here. We absolutely love it. And, No that is not our dog...the boys found it wandering in the front yard so we put up some signs. It ended up being a neighbors dog, thank goodness...the last thing I need right now is another thing to feed and clean up after!


  1. Your house looks gorgeous! I bet you all love the space & land to roam & play! I'm trying to stalker-ishly figure out where this is haha.

    I need to take those classes also to learn how to use my camera

  2. Hahha, you are so funny! We are in Norco..but I am sure it would be super easy to find seeing I showed you the sign for our company, lol. You are more than welcome to come on over any time! lol