Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talan's First Cold

Not much new lately. Talan got his first cold, well, runny nose this week. Of course I freaked out and made an appointment with the pediatrician immediately. He didn't have a fever and his ears looked good so she just told me to give him saline drops and keep his nose clean. She doesn't like to give any medicine to babies because then they don't build up their natural immunities to viruses. She did write a prescription just in case it turned into a cough, but it hasn't yet.

I have been making some shirts and trying to sell them on ebay and stuff. They are pretty cute, and with Mark's new printer at work it makes it really easy. I just come up with a quick design, send it over to him, he prints it and then I use a heat press to put it on the shirts. Here are some pictures of Talan modeling some of them.

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